Progress of project

Stage One - August 2016

Arts Council England | Bosworth1485• scope project, form steering group and agree governance issues etc
• initial research and development of the project
• use the communities to help select the preferred scheme
• work up a larger bid for delivery
• Funded by a £15,000 Grants for the Arts from ACE

Invitation to artists

‘Artists are invited to consider the themes that emerge through discussions with the Project Steering Group, the Commissioning Panel and other partners. These may include, for example, the need to contemplate the consequences of war and conflict, the scientific achievements of the historical investigations, the impact on local communities of the re-interment.'

The works might embrace some or all of the following:

• sculptural work(s)
• soft and hard landscape
• lighting
• seating
• land-forming
• planting

By the deadline in February 2017 –

• 22 expressions of interest received from artists nationally
• submissions were all of a high standard and represented a diverse scope of approach to the commission
• included artists who work in bronze and stone sculpture, glass, steel and mosaic; artists who work with sound, light, photography and new technology;
• artists who work alone and in groups; artists with a particular interest in the historical events, and artists whose primary focus in on community engagement and participation

Three contenders were shortlisted and interviewed by the Steering Group

• commissioned to prepare proposals in a form which could be exhibited to the public
• an exhibition of all the proposals was prepared that was staged in the respective communities and in the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre during July and August 2017
• also available for national scrutiny on the goleicestershire website

End of Stage One -

The project Steering Group met on 31 August 2017 to consider a report on the progress of the project and to determine the next steps.

Broadbent studios selected as the preferred partner.

Stage Two - January 2018


HInckley & Bosworth Borough Council | Bosworth1485
  • working with Broadbent Studios and the local communities to refine and finalise the plans and designs
  • seek all necessary permissions, approvals etc
  • accurate costings and budgets for implementation
  • stakeholder and partner discussions concerning funding for stage three
  • funded by a £28,000 grant from Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Stage two is due to end during the summer of 2019.


Stage three will commence shortly after which will consist of:

• Fundraising
• Commissioning of the final pieces
• Development of the trail
• Installation of the pieces
• Creation of interpretation and marketing material
• Launch of the trail
• Support local communities to maximise the opportunities presented