School visits

October 2013

The older children of Parson Wood Hill School have been studying life in Victorian times and the School contacted the Group. After consulting with them, we decided to do the same as we did at New Swannington School. Chris and Danny, had a mining table and it was amusing to see a couple of lads walking around the hall wearing pit helmets and carrying a Deputy's yard-stick, looking quite officious. The children had never seen "real" coal and were fascinated by it; Chris left some for the school to use on their display.

Reg took transport photographs, though Rosemary was convinced he was awarding prizes as when the children came to her table of various old photographs they were asking if they could see him on any of the school photographs. The children decided the item they most disliked on Iris' school items table, were the pair of clogs and said that they would rather walk barefoot to school than wear them. They found old items from Whitwick interesting especially the local chemist's medicine bottle that has the word, ‘Poison', written on the label and the ‘pop' bottle with the marble in. Many didn't know what a marble was. As usual, they had fun with Ann's olden day toys and she was also surprised that many of the children found it hard to play ‘snobs' ‘five-stones' etc. Because Maureen was ill and unable to attend, Norma stepped in and brought Maureen's miner's kitchen table. Bread and dripping didn't go down very well but if one child in the group was ‘game' to try it, then several of the others did too. Several classes came in during the morning and spent time at each table and then in the afternoon some of their parents and grandparents attended with them.

The event was well received by the School. One of our members was asked if they lived in the Victorian Times! Which one? - Don't ask, my lips are sealed!

January 2014

WHG had been invited by Whitwick St John the Baptist Primary School to talk to the children of Year 5 on the history of Whitwick. This was in preparation for the children to go on a class walk around Whitwick, looking at specific historical sites, during the afternoon following our morning visit. The visit took place on Monday, 13th January 2014.

School visitWe talked to two classes of children. Each class had been allocated approximately 30 minutes for their talk. We had set up the artefacts on five tables under the headings of: medieval history of Whitwick; household items; coal mining; old photographs of Whitwick; and industrial (hosiery, brick making, bottle making and spar pottery).

Each class was divided into smaller groups so that it was easier for the children to see and touch the items and for us to talk to them on an individual basis.
The children were fascinated. They showed interest in all the items; asked lots of questions and were very well-behaved. The movement from table to table was marked by the ringing of the old school bell from the Market Place school and, as you can imagine, there was no shortage of volunteers to ring the bell as loud as possible!

It was unfortunate that such a short time had been allocated for the visit as the children were so keen to find out more about Whitwick’s history.

Images of Old Whitwick

Whitwick Market Place Whitwick Market Place
Silver Street Silver Street
Vicarage Street Vicarage Street
Market Place Whitwick Market Place
Castle Hill Castle Hill
Cademan Street Cademan Street
Brooks Lane Brooks Lane
City of Three Waters City of Three Waters
Cyclists in Whitwick | Whitwick Historical Group Cyclists in Whitwick
Mount St Bernard Abbey | Whitwick Historical Group Mount St Bernard Abbey