Whitwick Mineral Water

In addition to the usual village trades, Whitwick once had three mineral water factories. Probably the most well-known of these was “Beckworth and Co. Ltd, Charnwood Mineral Water Works” located in Cademan Street and in business for over ninety years until 1970. The other companies were Stinson Brothers and Massey’s Botanical Brewery.

These businesses developed following the invention of the codd neck bottle in 1872. These glass bottles were designed specifically to hold mineral water or carbonated drinks. Each had a marble and a rubber washer in the neck.

Bottles from Beckworths

A selection of bottles from Beckworth’s with the codd neck bottle at the front.

Broken bottles embossed with the names of the mineral water companies are frequently uncovered in and around Whitwick. Very occasionally, a complete codd neck bottle is found with the glass marble still in place. Whitwick Historical Group is fortunate to have examples of various bottles from the three factories which can be seen at the Old Station.

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