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Open Water Swimming Sessions

Sun 9 May 2021 to Tue 28 Sep 2021

Non refundable ticket for open water swimming at Stanton Lakes. Bring your ticket to your swimming session as proof of booking and payment.

Read the disclaimer and tick the box to acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms.

If you are booking for people from multiple families please make separate bookings and payments so that we can capture full emergency details per family.

Once you have made payment download your receipt and click on the button to download your ticket to take to Stanton Lakes for your open water swimming session.

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Available Tickets for 28 Sep 2021 17:00 (29 remaining)



    1. I understand that open water swimming involves risk and I swim at my own risk.
    2. I understand that swimming is only allowed at the times pre-arranged by Stanton Lakes, when safety staff are present.
    3. I am a competent swimmer capable of completing at least 600 metres as a continuous swim.
    4. If I have never swam in open water before I will make the safety staff aware and take advice before entering.
    5. I am over the age of 16 years and shall provide proof of such or if I am a swimmer under the age of 16 I will be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times or will be accompanied by a responsible adult with a signed permission slip from my parent/guardian to state I am competent to swim in open water and they authorise the named responsible adult to supervise me.
    6. I shall not enter the water until all safety measures have been put into place and the session is declared open by the marshals.
    7. I shall always wear a brightly coloured swim hat at all times whilst in the water.
    8. Wetsuits are not compulsory, but I will discuss my swimming experience with staff at the lake before swimming without a wetsuit.
    9. I shall always enter and exit the water by the designated entry/exit area, except in the case of emergencies.
    10. I shall exit the water at the end of the designated swim session or before if instructed by a marshal.
    11. I shall only swim in the designated area as described by the marshals at the beginning of each session and will not swim to the other side of the island where the safety staff are not be able to see me.
    12. I shall only swim in the designated direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) as instructed by the marshals at the beginning of each session, unless instructed otherwise by a marshal during the session.
    13. In the event I enter into difficulty when swimming I shall roll on to my back and signal for rescue by raising either my left or right arm in the air.
    14. If I hear the horn or whistles sounding I understand it may mean danger, bad weather or another swimmer is in trouble and I will listen for and follow any instructions immediately.
    15. I will not swim or enter the water if I feel unwell or have open cuts.
    16. I understand that it is my responsibility to drink regularly whilst exercising for longer periods to avoid dehydration and to wear high factor sun cream whilst swimming outdoors to avoid sunburn.
    17. If I have a pre-existing medical condition, I confirm that I will have sought the advice of my doctor as to my suitability for open water swimming. I will inform Stanton Lakes of any change to my medical condition by completing another waiver form.
    18. I understand that other than basic first aid, there will not be any medical support on site.
    19. I shall not knowingly impede other swimmers in the water, I will not cause harm or distress to other swimmers and I will be respectful of other swimmers and staff at all times.
    20. I understand that there could be fresh water mussels, other sharp objects and rocks in the Lake and therefore I will take care when in the lake and understand there is a risk I could cut my feet. I will wear suitable footwear up to the designated entry/exit area in case there is any sharp material on the ground e.g. glass. I understand that the Swimmers Itch Parasite may be in the water
    21. I will not consume alcohol or drugs before or during a swim and I understand that Stanton Lakes has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs.
    22. I agree to take full responsibility for my belongings whilst at Stanton Lakes and agree Stanton Lakes is not responsible for any losses. Stanton Lakes OPEN WATER SWIMMING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT AND DISCLAIMER
    23. I understand that Stanton Lakes is not liable for any damage to property however incurred. It is my responsibility to have the correct insurance to cover any losses I may incur whilst swimming in the Lake or on site at Stanton Lakes including in the car park, restaurant and lake area.
    24. I understand that a session may be started later or ended earlier than planned or not ran at all due to adverse weather conditions, such as fog or lightning or any other reason.


    1. I will not turn up to swim without first booking a time slot
    2. Due to the current circumstances I understand that changing and toilet facilities are closed and will therefore arrive ready to swim or change discreetly at my car
    3. I shall check in with the entry/exit Marshall at the start and end of my swim
    4. I shall always enter and exit the water by the designated entry/exit area except in the case of an emergency
    5. I will take a bath or shower as soon as possible after my swim
    6. I will not turn up to swim if I am showing any symptom of Covid-19 or any other illness
    7. I will keep a distance of 2m from anyone at anytime whilst in or around the lake with the exception of members of my household
    8. I confirm that I will provide the organisers with my emergency contact details at the point of making online payment and agree these can be kept on record for track and trace purposes I confirm I have read, understood and agree to comply with all points on this personal responsibility statement and disclaimer document, I also agree to abide by any other safety instructions given by the marshals, Stanton Lakes’ staff and instructors on the day. I have ticked the disclaimer box to prove this.